The History of Leith

April 14, 2006

Abbey Nunnery and Witches Coven

The Abbey was a Cistercian nunnery founded by Duncan, Earl of Fife, who died in 1154. The remains of the nunnery are the oldest buildings connected with the town and the total length of the building was 170 feet. It was consecrated to the Virgin Mary, and richly endowed with lands in the Manor of North Berwick. Its founder also bestowed on the convent the patronage of the Auld Kirk of North Berwick. In 1296 the Prioress submitted to the power of Edward 1, ensuring protection and for a while the female inhabitants of the nunnery were safe. But with the turbulent violence during the reign of James lll, the nunnery was plundered. The Prioress in 1482 applied to Parliament for protection and redress, and the Lords decreed the restoration of the property and the repair of the damages that the assailants had inflicted. for more click here

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