The History of Leith

March 29, 2006

The Spottiswoode miscellany: a collection of original papers and tracts, illustrative chiefly of the civil and ecclesiastical history of Scotland.

Notes: Vol. ii.
Editor: Edited by James Maidment.
Contents: Processus factus contra Templarios in Scotia, 1309.
Charter by Mary Queen of Scots, with consent of the three estates, in favour of James Sandilands, Lord St John, of the possessions of the Templars and Hospitallers, 24th January 1563. [Latin.]

Letter from Sir Robert Anstruther to Lord Chancellor Hay, relative to the ransom of Angus Morraye, detained as a slave in Barbary. [Written between 1622 and 1627.]

Trial of Isobel Young for witchcraft, February 4, 1629. [Abridged, in the late 17th century, by Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmedden, from the Justiciary Court’s books of adjournal.]

Trial of Agnes Finnie for witchcraft, Dec. 18, 1664. [Ditto.]

Notes of cases of witchcraft, sorcery, etc. 1629-1662. From the books of adjournal.

Diurnal of occurrences chiefly in Scotland, commencing 21st August 1652, and ending April 13, 1654. [Reprinted from Mercurius Politicus.]

The Kincardine papers, 1649-1679. [Partly French. Miscellaneous letters, by Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia and her daughter, by Mary, princess of Orange, by James, Duke of York, 1676-9, and by the Earl of Kincardine, 1678.]

Extracts from the kirk-session register of Perth, 1577-1634.

Illustrative matter relative to Perth. [Notes on the preceding item.]

Warrant by Charles II in favour of Don Rostaino Cantelmi, Duke of Popoli and Prince of Petterano, to enable him to prove his descent from the ancient kings and queens of Scotland, 25th August 1681.

Ceremonial of the funeral of Field-Marshall Robert Douglas, Stockholm, June 1662. [Letter dated 14 June 1662.]

An account of the Lewis and some of the other Western Isles. From the collections of Macfarlane of that Ilk. [Descriptions of Lewis by John Morisone; of Tiree, Canna, Coll and Iona by John Fraser, and of most of the Hebrides (anonymous). All late 17th century.]

Papers relative to the submission of Angus MacDonald of Isla to His Majesty James VI, 1596.

Letter from John Coke, esq. of Holkham, to the lords of the Scottish Privy Council, 29th June 1626. [Concerning Scots levies to serve under Count Mansfeld.]

List of the Scotish officers under Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden. [From a pamphlet of 1714.]

Short account of the grievances of the episcopal clergy in Scotland. [From a pamphlet of c. 1711.]

Memoirs of John Duke of Melfort, being an account of the secret intrigues of the Chevalier de St George, particularly relating to the present times, MDCCXIV. [Reprinted from first edition, London 1714. Supposedly by Melfort but in reality a forgery.]

Account of the battle of Sheriffmuir, in a letter from a gentleman in Stirling to a friend in Edinburgh, 15th November 1715. [From a broadside.]

A true account of the proceedings at Perth, 1716, by the Master of Sinclair. [From the first edition, London 1716. The work is not by Sinclair.]

Memorial relative to the prisoners engaged in the rebellion, 1715. [Printed from a ms. and the first edition, 1716. By Sir David Dalrymple.]

Relics of the rebellion, 1745-6. [Miscellaneous letters and papers.]

Instances of popular credulity at the commencement of the eighteenth century. [Accounts from Ireland, France and Italy, c. 1700-15.]


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