The History of Leith

March 6, 2006


The procession for Vaisakhi: is planned for the 16th Apr 06. It will start 12.00 noon and last for approx 75 – 90min. It is to start and terminate at our Gurdwara (Temple) in Mill Lane, Leith.

If you or you group are interested in taking part please contact Gurmit Singh at

This is a important opportunity for the community to come together.

What is Vaisakhi: –

Vaisakhi – What it represents.
Vaisakhi is the beginning of the year in the traditional calendar of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries in this South Eastern Asian region). It is the first day of the first month, Vaisakhi, and a major harvest festival. Generally it falls on the 13th April.

Does it have any special significance for Sikhs?
Yes. On Vaisakhi in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth and last human Guru of the Sikhs established the Order of the Khalsa by initiating five of his Sikhs,and then becoming initiated himself too. This event holds paramount significance in the history of the community. Sikhs derive their formal, consolidation identity from this day, including their five articles of faith, distinctive physical appearance and the names Singh and Kaur. Thus, Vaisakhi has a special spirit of hope, rejuvenation and commitments for Sikhs.
Sikhs all over the world celebrate by organising religious services, including the full reading of the Sikh scripture – Guru Granth Sahib and community service. Culturally there are activities like parades, martial arts, sports festivals and song and dance performances. Families come together during this important festive occasion.

Nagar Kirthan (Religious Parade through town) –

Its purpose.Apart from the normal method of celebrating our religious date in history it is a good way of advertising who we are, the difference between us and other similar looking ethnic groups such as the Taliban’s. We are Scottish Sikh’s. This is our home, this is our religion and this is our culture. It is a good method of creating awareness and breaking down barriers of alienation. It contributes in bringing communities together to take part in cultural activities.

Gurmit Singh

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