The History of Leith

February 1, 2006

Main Gateway into Cromwell’s Citadel

The house above the gateway is now demolished

The Citadel, “passing fair and sumptuous,” built by Monk, was erected on the site of the Chapel of St. Nicholas at the foot of Dock Street, where its great arched gate way may still be seen. The house over the archway, according to tradition, was the meeting-place of the officers and men of Cromwell’s Ironsides in Leith who held Baptist views. We know that there were Baptists in Leith during the Cromwellian period who were wont to go to Bonnington to be “dippit in the clear rynnand water.” The house over the Citadel archway, however, is of later date than Cromwell’s time, as is shown by the stair by which it is reached being outside, instead of inside, the Citadel gateway.
(General Monk was one of Cromwell’s generals in Scotland.)

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