The History of Leith

April 15, 2005

The Jordan Window and Monument.(South Leith Parish Church)

(In South Aisle of Church.)
The inscription on the Window is as follows “In memory of Janet Jordan, died 1st October 1886, aged 87.”
The inscription on the Brass reads thus
To the Glory of God and in loving memory of John Jordan (1830—1914), merchant in Leith, an unfailing benefactor of this Church, and of many good causes in this Town and neighbourhood, this Monument is erected by the children of his niece, Annie Hodgson Beattie, 1916.”
JANET JORDAN was the mother of a famous Leith merchant who became bead of the firm of James Miller & Sons. She was a fine type of the Scotswoman She never gave up tier native done, although by the time she reached old age, her son had risen to wealth an affluence. Her husband was John Jordan born in 1795, and skipper in one of the famous Leith smacks which traded to London. His last command was in one named the “ Prince of Wales.” He died at the comparatively early age of 53.
John Jordan, who dedicated the window to his mother’s memory, was born in Queen Street, Leith. The family afterwards removed to Tolbooth Wynd. In later life his mother lived with him at 125 Constitution Street, formerly the town house of the Millers. The beautiful devotion of the son to the motber was well known. She died in 1886 at the great age of 87, She left two daughters. Margaret married Andrew Leslie, a shipwright in Aberdeen, who later sat up a well-known shipyard at Wallseud-on-Tyne. They had no family. Janet married Alexander MacIntosh; and had two daughters. Janet married Mr Cook of Newcastle and had issue. Annie married Mr W. Ilalden Beattie and had six children. One of them is the Rev. Ernest Halden Beattie, Vicar of St. Martin’s Church, Hereford. The Beattie family erected the beautiful brass near this window in memory of their granduncle.
Mr John Jordan was a firm friend of the Rev. James Mitchell, D.D. He was perhaps the friend to whom he appealed most often for help for the church when any special scheme. was on foot. He never appealed in vain. In the ministry of the present incumbent, Mr Jordan was residing at Charlotte Square. A very old man, he bad given up attending South Leith Church, but still retained a lively interest in its welfare, Without his aid it would have been difficult to carry through the plan to erect a Memorial to Dr. Mitchell and clean and repaint the church. His generous cheque, paid after his death, completed and rounded oft the subscription list.
Source-South Leith Records 1922

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