The History of Leith

February 28, 2005

The Family of David Lindsay

The issue of Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk, by his first wife, Catherine Sterling, were Sir David of Glenesk, the first Earl of Crawford, 1398 (who married the Princess Catherine Stuart. Fifth daughter of Robert the Second), and Sir Alexander Lindsay. He married secondly, Marjory Stuart, niece of Robert the Second, by whom he had Sir William Lindsay of Rossie, and Sir Walter, besides a daughter, Euphemia. Sir David Lindsay of Glenesk, first Earl of Crawford, had issue Alexander, second Earl of Crawford, and he turn had issue David, third Earl of Crawford (who married Marjory, daughter of Alexander Ogilvie of Auchterhouse, chief of that ancient race, and hereditary sheriff of Angus). And is the ancestor of a long line of earls and Lindsays, who finally die out in the direct line in an heiress, Margaret Lindsay of Spynie.

David, the third earl, had a second son, Walter Lindsay of Beaufort, who now perpetuates the male line, and is the progenitor of the houses of Edzell and Balcarres. Walter Lindsays son was Sir David of Edzell, who died in 1528 and his son was Walter Lindsay younger of Edzell, who fell at the battle of Flodden, 1513, leaving a young widow and four sons; he is said to have been one of the most gallant who fought under the kings banner, and one of the faithful band who, after the day was utterly lost, formed themselves into a ring and fought to the last in defense of their king, till he fell in the midst of them surrounded by a tower of their corpses

He was not only his fathers heir, but heir to his kinsman, David Lindsay, eighth Earl of Crawford, through Alexander, fourth Earl of Crawford, brother of Walter Lindsay of Beaufort, his eldest son David, therefore, succeeded as ninth earl ; it is from his second son, Alexander of Edzell, we trace our ancestry. He was the father of the Rev. David Lindsay, the celebrated Minister of Leith, and Bishop of Ross, chaplain, and at various times envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary for James the First of England and Sixth of Scotland.

He is said to have been the only noted minister who would pray for the ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots, at the moment when apprehending her instant execution. He was a man of uncommon ability and attainments, of varied travel, and besides his ministry held other high situations in the favor of the Crown. He accompanied the king on his matrimonial voyage to Denmark.

As it says from above,it is from his second son, Alexander of Edzell…….He was the father of the Rev. David Lindsay, the celebrated Minister of Leith, and Bishop of Ross, the title passing to David the eldest son of David Lindsay eighth Earl of Crawford. Therefore the Rev David Lindsay was nephew of the ninth Earl of Crawford.

Although he never had a title he most certainly had a aristocratic background as can be seen from above and was very well connected and this is why King James favoured him

Source-Lindsays of America

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