The History of Leith

February 10, 2005


In favour of William Giles brewer In Leith –

TO ALL and sundry to whose knowledge these presents shall come we the Reverend: Dr. Robert Dickson and Mr. Thos. Macnight Ministers of the Gospel in South Leith and also the Elders Deacons and remnant members of the Kirk session of South Leith Preceptor of the preceptory of St. anthons in Leith superior of the tenement and others underwritten know ye that we have Ratify APPROVE and confirm and by these presents RATIFY Approve and us and our successors in office perpetually Confirm to and in favour of W Giles Brewer in Leith eldest Son and nearest and lawful heir of the deceased John Giles Brewer in Leith his father a Disposition dated the Tenth of June One Thousand seven Hundred and Sixty three years duly ratified the same day made and granted by Robert Anderson sometime Brewer in Leith thereafter merchant in Edinburgh second lawful son of the deceased Patrick Anderson merchant in Leith and sometime Deacon of the coopers there with the special advice and consent of Grizel Callender his spouse for all right of liferent or other right or title whatever she had or could claim to the lands aftermentioned ; for the causes therein specified he with consent foresaid SOLD Annailizied and DisPONED to and in favours of David Loch :merchant in Leith his heirs or assignees whatsoever heritably an irredeemably ALL and EAILL that Tenement of land or building and new house? built thereon back and fore under and above with the Brewhouse Buildings yard close well and hail pertinents of the same sometime possessed by William Spence Schoolmaster thereafter by William noble vintner and thereafter by James Gib maltman in Leith lying in the village of Leith upon the South side of the water of the same within the Barony of Restairig territory of St. Anthons and Sheriffdom of Edinburgh betwixt the lands sometime pertaining to Stephen Barry thereafter to John Ramsay, John Main and John Spense and now on the east The houses sometime of Arthur Tutope thereafter pertaining to the heirs of Umqle John Balantyne Maltman and the wynd leading from the said village of Leith to the Church of St. Anthons upon the west the Church yard of St. Anthons and the lands of Umq David Jamieson now pertaining to on the south and the common vennel or lands of Umqle Florence Ba1four thereafter of the Said Umqle David Jamison and now of– on the north parts on the one side and other. And sicklike ALL and HAILL that dwelling house back and fore high and laigh under and above with the pertinent sometime occupied and possessed by Umqle Arthur Tutope and his spouse thereafter by William Fyrie with the Brewhouse or Brewery sometime occupied and possessed by Umqle John Goodall together the piece of yard lying at the back thereof containing thirteen ells in length towards: he west and Seven ells in breadth towards the said umgle Arthur Tutope his dwelling house as the same was mete and measured lying contigue within the Town of Leith upon the south side of the water thereof within the barony of Restalrig territory of St. Anthons and Sheriffdom of Edinburgh foresaid sometime pertaining to Umgle Harry Walker, Maltman and Indweller: in Leith and thereafter disponed by him to the said Umq Arthur Tutope end his Spouse and thereafter to John Barlans elder his Spouse and John Barlans younger their son bounded betwixt the said umgle Harry his other Tenement of land upon the east the vennel leading from the Town of Leith to the said Kirk of St Anthons upon the west the rest of the said umqle Harry his yard upon the south and the vennel and lands sometime pertaining to Umq Florence Balfour thereafter to David Jameson upon the north part on the one side and other. And sicklike all and hail that piece of ground whereupon the Steepstone sometime possessed by Dionesius Thomson stands with the ground and toofall adjacent thereto on the East part of the old door which of old was an entry to the said toofall bounded betwixt the toofall and Tenement sometime pertaining to the deceased John Balantyne maltman in Leith thereafter to William Legat Writer in Edinburgh on the east the Brewerie an closs also sometime belonging to the said umqle John Ballantyne and thereafter to the said William Legat on the South the Street or vennel leading by the side of the long barn sometime pertaining to the imqle Captain Florence Jamison in Leith and thereafter by James Meikle Brewer on the west and the little vennel leading by the dwelling house well and Brewerie sometime pertaining to the said umqle Captain Florence Jamieson and thereafter to James Galbreath writer in Edinburgh on the north parts on the one side and other lying in the yardheads of Leith barony and parochine of Restalrig aforesaid Together with that new house consisting of three stories and garrets a coal cellar lately built and erected by Robert Anderson on part of the said lands to be holden in manner mentioned in the said Disposition as the same containing an obligation to Infeft precept of sasine and Sundry other clauses more fully bears as also a Disposition dated the sixteenth day of One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty four and recorded in the Books of Council and Session the first day of June one Thousand Seven :hundred and Sixty five years made and granted by the said David Loch whereby for the causes end with and under the burdens therein specified he the said David Loch did sell analizie and DISPONE from him his heirs and Successors to and in favour of the said John Giles his Heirs or assignees whatsoever Heritably and irredeemably all and hail the lands and others herein before mentioned excepting the foresaid new built house and Garrets with the coal cellar former sold by the said David Loch to William younger supervisor of Excise in Leith as the said Disposition containing an assignation to the precept of Sasine contained in the Disposition first before narrated and burdening the lands therein contained with a feu duty of Two pounds Seventeen Shillings and Four pence Scots yearly and several other clauses also more fulbeare Together with the instrument of sasine following on the precept of sasine contained in the first mentioned disposition and conveyance thereof before narrated under: the exception foresaid in favours of the said John Giles under the hands of George Home Notary Public dated the Seventeenth day of November and recorded in the particular register of Sasine at Edinburgh the Twenty-first day of November Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty four years and that in the whole clauses heads articles tenor and contents of the foresaid two Dispositions and Instrument of sasine in so far as the same, may. or can be extended to the Tenement and others before mentioned now belonging to the said William Giles the tenement and pertinents belonging to the heirs of the said William Younger not being included Declaring This our general Confirmation to be equally good valid and effectual as if the foresaid writes hereby confirmed were word for word herein inserted and engrossed where Anent and Anent all other objections against the validity or formality of this our confirmation. We have Dispensed and for us and our Successors in office hereby perpetually dispense and whereas by the writes before recited and by other writes and evidents produced to and read before us it clearly appears and is evident to us that the said John Giles died vest and seased as of fee at the faith and peace of our sovereign Lord the King in ALL and hail the foresaid Tenement of Land :Brewhouse buildings yard closes ground and others foresaid excepting the foresaid new built houses consisting of Three stories and garrets with the coal cellar disponed to the said William Younger all lying bound and described manner foresaid. And that the said William Giles the bearer hereof is eldest lawful son and nearest and lawful heir to The said deceits John Giles his father and is of lawful age and that the said lands are holden of us the said ministers Elders and Deacons of the Kirk Session of South Leith Preceptors of the said Preceptory of’ St. Anthons hereforeit is our Will and Charge you John Hadaway Merchant in Leith our Baillie of St. Anthons that incontinent there presents seen ye pass and Give and Deliver heritable state and Sasine actual real and corporal possession of ALL and HAILL the foresaid Tenement of land or building and new houses built thereon back and fore under and above with the Brewhouse buildings yard class well and hail pertinents of the sane sometime occupied by the said William Spence and sicklike of ALL and HAILL the said dwelling: house high and laigh back and fore und and above with the pertinents sometime occupied by said umqle Arthur Tutope with the Brewhouse or Brewerie sometimes designed a toofall lying contigue with the said piece of ground lying at the back thereof and .sicklike of all and hail the said piece of ;ground thereupon the said steepetone sometimes possessed by the said Dionesius Thomson stood with the ground and toofall adjacent thereto excepting the for said new built houses consisting of three stories and garrets with the said coal cellar disponed to said William Younger all lying described and bounded in manner foresaid to the said William Giles or his certain attorney in his name bearer hereof by delivering of earth and stone of the ground of the said land as use is after the form and tenor of this our precept of Sasine in all points and this on no ways ye leave undone paying therefore yearly the said William Giles his heirs and assignees to us and our successors in office which shall happen to be for the time or to our collector or Kirk Treasurers in our name. the sum of Two pounds Seventeen Shillings and four penny Scots of feu duty as a proportion of the total few duty of Four pounds Six Shillings and four penny Scot payable to us as superiors foresaid for the whole lands that belonged to the said Robert Anderson at two terms in the year viz. Whitsunday and Martinmas by equal portion As also giving presence to our head Courts and doubling the said feu duty at the entry of ever heir with other services used and accustomed and that for all other burden exaction questioned or secular service that can be demanded by us or our foresaid in time coming To the doing whereof we commit to you our said Baillie of St anthon specially constitute as said in our full power and commission salvo jure cujus libet: In witness whereof these presents written upon this and two proceeding pages of stamped vellum by John Kelly clerk to John Patison Clerk of Leith are subscribed by us the said ministers Elders and Deacons at the Session house of South Leith the 11th day o December 1794 before these witnesses the said John Patison and Alexander Lindsay Session Clerk of South Leith ( Robert Dickson Minister. Thomas Macnight minister. John Hadaway, James Young Elder Patt: Hadaway Elder James Wright Elder, John Sutton D.Tbomson Elder William Christie Deacon John Thomson Deacon Tho.Hadaway Deacon Wl1iam Grinly Deacon Alexander Lindsay Witness John Patison witness.
1 year and a half feuduty
From Whity 1793 to Mars 1794 £6: 9: 6
At 4pounds 6shillings 4pence Scots yearly
Composition as a singular
Successor per agreement 160 – –
166; 9: 6
Leith 11 Decr 1794 received from Mr. William Gi1es the above sum by me Kirk Treasurer (Sign Thomas Hadaway.

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