The History of Leith

February 8, 2005

Old Trinity House Leith

1567, July 26
Instrument narrating resignation by Laurence Neilsoun as procurator for James Reid in the hands of Matthew Forrestare, preceptor of the monastery or place of St Anthonys near the town of Leith, as superior, of ALL and WHOLE of that triangular piece of land belonging to said James Reid with the buildings thereon and the pertinents lying in said town of Leith in the territory of St Anthonys, sheriffdom of Edinburgh, between the street, on the west the hospital of St Anthonys, on the east (under reservation of the space of one ell between the side wall of said hospital and said land below and above and space for building and completing further above a suspended stair in length and breadth of four corbele now fixed in the west wall of the hospital contiguously as an easement), the land of deceased John flathesoun, on the north and land of deceased William Symsoun, on the south; AND ALSO a piece of land lying contiguously to the gable of said hospital
with half thereof between the said gable and land of said William Symsoun (under reservation of a strip of land extending in breadth from the street leading from said town of Leith to Edinburgh as a common passage opposite the north part of land of said deceased William Symsoun);
following which resignation sasine was given of said subjects to Patrick Loch as attorney for and in name of John Reid, son of said James; there after said Laurence Noilsoun as procurator for said John Reid again resigned said subjects in the handa of said preceptor and sasine was given thereof to said Patrick Loch as attorney- for and in name of the bailies, councilors, masters, shipowners, mariners, and Community of said town of Leith and their successors in term of Charter granted by said preceptor.

Charter of Old Trinity House

The original Trinity House was the Hospital of the preceptory of St Anthony and was taken over by the seamen in 1555, Please note a ell was approximately a yard.


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