The History of Leith

February 5, 2005

Edinburgh Characters

Some famous Edinburgh characters from the Past.

Sir John Gladstone
Sir John Gladstone father of William Gladsone the famous Victorian Prime Minister

Lord Kames and Hugo Arnot
Lord Kames and Hugo Arnot-from a 18th century handbill entitled “Two shadows in conversation”

Sir James Young Simpson
Sir James Young Simpson-The pioneer of Chloroform

Sir Walter Scott
Sir Walter Scott

Three Captains of the City Guard
Three Captains of the City Guard 18thc

Deacon Brodie and George Smith
Deacon Brodie and George Smith partners in crime

Thomas Guthrie D.D
Thomas Gutherie D.D helper of the poor

Allan Ramsay
Allan Ramsay, Poet

Burke and Hare
Burke and Hare Murderers

arran,Marr,Angus and Moray
Top James Hamilton, Earl of Arran, middle r-l John Erskine, Earl of Mar, Archibald.Earl of Angus and bottom The Regent Moray

John Knox
John Knox, Reformer

Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo
Sir William Forbes, Banker who developed the famous London Bank “Coutts”

Charles Edward Stuart
Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie

Lord Monboddo
Lord Monboddo, Judge of the College of Justice

William Creech
William Creech publisher of Adam Smith and Burns amongst others

John Dowie
John Dowie, Tavern Owner

John Dowie's Tavern
John Dowie’s Tavern, meeting place of the literary giants of the 18th century

John,Duke of Albany and Queen Margaret
John, Duke of Albany and Queen Margaret (wife of James IV)

William Chambers
William Chambers-Writer and publisher

Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers-Writer and Publisher, brother of William

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