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Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

A FIRE engine zooms past the window on its way to the latest 999 call in the Capital. The loud wail of its siren is as instantly recognisable as the familiar red vehicle itself as it speeds towards the scene of the fire.

It is easy to take for granted today that a quick phone call will summon trained firefighters with a raft of equipment within minutes to save lives, homes and businesses from going up in flames.

The children of Bethlehem

Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

If history, genealogy and Leith are about anything its about families and that is why I have included this appeal on the site. They need our help are we really going to turn our backs on them.

Christian Aid Appeal 2004

If there’s anyone on earth who needs hope this Christmas, it’s the children of Bethlehem.

Despite the cosy images we see on Christmas cards, Bethlehem today is caught in a spiral of violence, fear and poverty.

It’s a broken town full of children like Jessica Safar, who dream of an end to their suffering.

When she was given a doll, Jessica removed its eye, saying: ‘like me, like her.’ But after counsellors from the Christian Aid-funded YMCA helped her, she felt less angry.
photo: Christian Aid/Simon Townsley

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The Scotsman Digital Archive

Monday, December 13th, 2004


Dear John,

As a valued user of we are delighted to announce to you the launch of The Scotsman Digital Archive –

Robert Fergusson

Monday, December 13th, 2004

Robert Fergusson (September 5, 1750 – October 16, 1774), Scottish poet, son of Sir William Fergusson, a clerk in the British Linen Company, was born at Edinburgh. (more…)

Armstrong, John (1771-97)

Monday, December 13th, 2004

A journalist and poet born at Leith. He went to Edinburgh University, studied for the Church, then got a job on a newspaper in London. His health failed, and he retired back to Leith. (more…)

My Bonnie Mary

Monday, December 13th, 2004

GO fetch to me a pint o’ wine,
An’ fill it in a silver tassie,
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonnie lassie.
The boat rocks at the pier o’ Leith,
Fu’ loud the wind blaws frae the ferry,
The ship rides by the Berwick-law,
And I maun leave my bonnie Mary.
The trumpets sound, the banners fly,
The glittering spears are ranked ready;
The shouts o’ war are heard afar,
The battle closes thick and bloody;
But it ‘s no the roar o’ sea or shore
Wad mak me langer wish to tarry;
Nor shout o’ war that ‘s heard afar—
It ‘s leaving thee, my bonnie Mary!

Robert Burns

Robert Burns and Edinburgh

Monday, December 13th, 2004

Burns arrived in Edinburgh on 28th November 1786, and took up quarters in Baxters Close in the Lawnmarket, ( now demolished ) with John Richmond, a. clerk of his acquaintance whom he knew in Ayrshire. At that time Edinburgh was carefree, squalid, venerable, and literary ( what’s new ) with every family of quality in Scotland in residence. (more…)

Sets appeal keeps city hobby shop firmly on right track

Monday, December 13th, 2004

IN years gone by, model railways and Airfix kits were a Christmas staple for children across the country.

Although they have now been superseded on most youngsters’ wish lists by PlayStations and Gameboys, Leith-based Harburn Hobbies continues to enjoy buoyant trade selling such traditional fare. (more…)

Keep theatre for all to enjoy

Monday, December 13th, 2004

SARAH HOWDEN’S report (News, December 6th) on plans to sell Leith Theatre to help meet the cost of repairs to the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh was very informative. (more…)

Reminiscence and Oral History in Edinburgh

Friday, December 10th, 2004

The Living Memory Association is an Edinburgh-based group that aims to bring people together through reminiscence and oral history work.

We encourage people to become actively involved in their community, share their memories, learn from one another, feel valued and respected, and give their knowledge of the past to younger generations. (more…)

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