The History of Leith

December 13, 2004

The Scotsman Digital Archive


Dear John,

As a valued user of we are delighted to announce to you the launch of The Scotsman Digital Archive –

This unique on-line service enables you to browse through history. Currently covering every edition of the Scotsman from 25 January 1817 right through to the end of 1900. It includes coverage of events such as the Highland clearances, the Tay Bridge disaster and the assassination of President Lincoln, to list but a few.

Searching the Digital Archive is free and results are displayed on screen as the pages were originally printed. We have also provided a timeline of events covered in The Scotsman from 1800-1900 with links to key articles. Articles on this timeline as well as the first ever edition of The Scotsman are available for free allowing users to try the service before buying.

Our Archive also allows you to find out if an ancestor appeared in the paper’s births, marriages and deaths notices, and is a valuable resource for historians and genealogists, amateur or professional.

To view the editions and articles in full we do charge a small fee. We believe that the pricing levels offer very good value for money – the Annual Pass provides unlimited access for around 30p per day.

The Archive will be updated to 1950 by April of 2005 and eventually to the current date.

The Scotsman Digital Archive –

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