The History of Leith

December 4, 2004

The Ministers of South Leith Parish Church



[By the first General Assembly of the Reformed Kirk of Scotland “it was found reasonable and expedient that the parochiners of Restalrig sould repaire to the Kirk of Leith, and that the Kirk of Restalrig sould be razed and utterlie destroyed as a monument of idolatrie.”

In Nov. 1595 the Presb. gave commission to David Lindsay and John Brand “to converse with the neighbours for planting a kirk on the north side of the brig of Leith. As a result of this, overtures were presented that a parish might be made “of the north side of the brig of Leith, and some towns next adjacent, as Pilrig, Bonnington, Waraston, and Newhaven.” In an Act of Parliament, 24th

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