The History of Leith

December 4, 2004


The earliest ancestors can be traced to 18th century Edinburgh. Alexander Falconer, probably born in the 1760’s undertook an apprenticeship as a coachmaker. He married Margaret McKenzie on the 19th of April 1784. They had at least four children: Alexander, Jean, George and Margaret all born in Canongate parish, which encompasses the Old Town section of Edinburgh.

George, born on 7 June 1799 became a housepainter. He married Jemima Seton and they had a son Henry in 1830. It appears Jemima died and George remarried to Ann Wood and they had three children: Catherine (b.1847), George (b. 1849) and Thomas (b.1851). It appears that Ann too died in the 1850’s and George married yet again to Janet McCulloch who was 21 years younger. They had a son Alexander born on 11th of July 1860 at the Royal Maternity Hospital. The names of George’s three wives come from certificates of their children although there are no records of their marriages to him.

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