The History of Leith

November 18, 2004

Logan History

The Logans originated in the southeast of Scotland in the early 12th century. The MacLennans, according to a number of sources, are a branch of the Logans.

According to Major Logan-Home, the first Logan was Thomas (c. 1150) the son of the Prince of Galloway [p.1]. He believed Thomas Logan was the great grandson of Fergus the first Prince, grandson of Gilbert, and the second son of Malcolm of Galloway.

Thomas ‘de Logan’ lived about the reign of King David I (c.1085-1153).1 Although the Major may be mistaken about Thomas–Alan of Galloway (d. 1234) had two sons named Thomas but I’ve not identified any Thomases in Gilbert’s line–it is certain that the Logans were very closely linked to this family (Earl of Cassillis, p.13).

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