The History of Leith

November 18, 2004

Golf’s Great Heritage: Patersone’s Prize

Golf’s Great Heritage: Patersone’s Prize
by Bob Weisgerber

Golf bets. You’ve done them; I’ve done them. But few are as rewarding as the match that John Patersone took part in on Leith Links–Leith was a port in the Edinburgh area centuries ago. It is a good story, worth telling.

The Links of Leith, together with St. Andrews, had been home to some of the earliest golf on record. In the earliest days, when kings and princes and dukes played at the game, Scotland took pride in its status as the home of golf. The tale is told, perhaps not accurately, that Charles I and the Duke of York (afterwards James II) played at the golf on Leith Links while they were in residence at Holyrood, the palace in Edinburgh. This may not be accurate because King Charles was only briefly in Edinburgh, but it is far surer that the Duke of York played on the Links of Leith frequently with nobility and gentry.

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