The History of Leith

November 16, 2004

MONK, General George, 1st Duke of Albemarle (1608-70)

George Monk is one of the enigmas of the Civil War period. Born a Royalist, the second son of a minor aristocratic Devon family and fighting on the King’s side till his capture by the Parliamentary party at the Battle of Nantwich, be became one of Oliver Cromwell’s most effective generals and his deputy in Scotland.

Though courted by the King in exile, he served Cromwell with unwavering loyalty, publicly proclaiming his support for his son Richard on his accession as Protector in 1658. It was only in the face of chaos and extreme influence in the army that he secretly responded to approaches from Royalist leaders. Marching across the border from his camp at Coldstream on 1 January 1660, he became the most powerful man in England..

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