The History of Leith

November 10, 2004

Early Public and Private Transport in Scotland

The first attempt at establishing a stagecoach service in Scotland occurred on 6th August 1678, when the magistrates of Glasgow entered into an agreement with William Hume, an Edinburgh merchant, whereby he would “Have in readiness ane sufficient strong coach, to be drawn by sax able horses, to leave Edinbro ilk Monday morning, and return again (God willing) ilk Saturday night”. By way of a minor perk, the burgesses of Glasgow were always to receive preference, so if the coach was full and one or more of these illustrious gentlemen desired to reach Edinburgh, somebody had to get off. Since the fare was 4 pounds 16 shillings Scots (8 shillings sterling) in the Summer months and 5 pounds 8 shillings (9 shillings sterling) in the Winter months, it stands to reason that the sort of individual who could afford the trip would not easily be ejected from his seat.

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