The History of Leith

November 9, 2004


(Kinnaird Worldwide Family#24)

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Aberdour drew droves of visitors with its good beaches and bathing, pleasant walks and scenery. During the summer months, steamers arrive several times a day from Leith with holiday-makers. To accommodate the better-off, superior villas were built along the Shore Road. For the day-tripper or overnighter there were the facilities of the Tea Garden Hotel, which was opened in 1886 by the enterprising Leith businessman, William Kinnaird. It caters for all the needs of the visitor, providing breakfast, dinner and tea as well as cigars and picture postcards. It incorporated the Aberdour Bazaar – the souvenir shop for everyone, as it advertisements proclaimed – selling toys, photos and useful articles for presents. Kinnaird was clearly out to make all the profit he could during the summer season. He had to as in the off-season there was little trade and, as one local writer put it, the Gardens “are a desolation:.

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