The History of Leith

October 7, 2004


A fascinating history with excellent photos, reminding us of a time when PC stood for Police Constable and not some modern, lunatic concept. The Leith and Edinburgh police are much in evidence here, the former always being associated with that well-known tongue twister “The Leith police dismisseth us.” Having a driver say that several times could be even better than a breathalyser test. Illustrations show not only individuals and groups but also dress, headgear, rank insignia, medals, shoulder/collar titles, handcuffs, truncheons, and whistles. Apart from giving the background history the author also gives us accounts of various incidents and events such as murder cases, capture of a German spy in Edinburgh in WWII, shooting of the Assistant Chief Constable in July 1940 and other cases. There are lists of the recipients of the Police Long Service Medal, both regular force and special constabulary

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