The History of Leith

September 24, 2004

Edward I

Edward was the eldest son of Henry III, King of England and was born in 1239. Henry III had a long reign and this meant that Edward was in his thirties before he became king himself. In 1254 at the age of fifteen, Edward was married to Eleanor of Castile. Eleanor was the thirteen year old half-sister of Alfonso, the King of Castile and the marriage was designed to help protect the lands of Gascony which England still owned. Edward was awarded the lands of Gascony through the marriage and took over from Simon de Montfort whose improper running of the area had lead to revolt. Henry III was eager to provide Edward with more experience and in the same year granted him lands in Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Edward and Eleanor were married in Castile and returned to England in October of 1255.

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