The History of Leith

September 13, 2004

The Mansion of the Magistrate John Logan of Sheriff Brae.

Up to 1840 there stood a fine old building at the head of the Sheriff Brae facing the Coalhill usually described as the residence of one of the Logans of Restalrig. The upper row of windows which rose above the eaves of the house were elegantly sculptured and bore various dates and devices and these are still preserved having been built into the north wall of St Thomas manse.

One of these exhibits a shield with the device of a heart surmounted by the fleur de lis at the side are the initials “IL” and above is the date 1636 another has the initials and date IL.MC 24th December 1636 a third has a shield and the initials MC while the forth displays different initials and a much later date “DD, MC” 1730.

Tradition has assigned this house as the residence of that most attractive lady celebrated in Scottish song as “Tibbie Fowler O’ the Glen” who was carried off by Logan to the utter discomfiture of the remainder of the 2ane and forty wooing her”. This old mansion described in 1572 as belonging to “Majestro Joanne Logan de Sherref Braye” was taken down in 1840 to furnish a site for St Thomas Church which was erected by Sir John Gladstone Bart, of Fasque as a memorial to his family and his own connection with Leith.

From the “Reminiscences of the Port and Ton of Leith” John Martine 1888

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