The History of Leith

September 1, 2004

A new Leith Mystery?

While going through some papers belonging to St Thomas-Junction Road Church I came across a bundle of papers relating to some research someone was doing on brewing in Leith and the brewing interests of William Younger in particular. Now in this there was nothing new or particularly novel as it is well known that William Younger starting brewing in Leith before moving to Holyrood.

The Kirkgate and Links 1774

What is less well known is that the property which William Younger bought stood on land of which South Leith Parish Church was the Superior and which is now occupied in part by the New Kirkgate Shopping Centre and that also according to the map found within the bundle, St Anthony Lane , which is at the rear of the current South Leith Church Halls was called Factory Wynd. This fact alone has never been mentioned in any history relating to Leith

Furthermore according to the records found in these records South Leith Parish Church wasn’t Called St Mary’s in 1794 or South Leith Church but apparently was called “The Church of St Anthony”. South Leith Parish Church only coming to the fore after 1833 when Leith became an independent Parliamentary Burgh again this is never mentioned in any recorded Leith History why?

It would appear that a big chunk of Leith History has been ignored .Over the next few weeks I will try to unravel this mystery

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