The History of Leith

August 31, 2004

The old Stone Pier

The old stone pier of Leith was a strong structure. It was in the past a favourite walk of old Leith folk. Almost every morning betwixt nine and ten o’clock there might be seen among others Thomas Jamieson, of Jamieson and Auld, James White of Adam White and Co, Robert Strong, John Hutton of the Rope Work, James Reach of Charles Cowan and Co, Patrick Hodge etc taking their walk to the end of the pier and back again before they went to business.

At the end of the pier was a lighthouse where signals and flags were hoisted to denote the depth of water for ships coming into the harbour and docks. From the tower a light was shown at night. An addition was made to the pier in 1828/29 by the extension of wooden piles driven into the sand and gravel. It has been extended since. The west pier formed some years ago is now the principal pier of leith, The contractor was old Kenneth Mathieson a well known man in his day.

The Old stone pier of Leith is hardly known now, having been cut across to make an entrance into Albert Dock but part of the old light House still remains.

From the “Reminiscences of the Port and Town of Leith” John Martine 1888

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