The History of Leith

August 23, 2004

Gone but not Forgotten

I received the following comment- From Mr Iain Colquhoun
“Great – but a noticeable absence is Leith Hospital. I trained as a Nurse there from 1974. Apparently it pioneered the use of Intravenous infusions, a doctor there having laid the basics for it, but it had never been tested due to the danger of causing death. Then a sailor from a ship in the docks was brought in with cholera. As he was likely to die anyway, they gave him IV fluids – and it cured him. So this small hospital had a great claim to fame.

I lived in Buchanan St from 78-86. Great neighbours. Re-visited it in 1992 and walking down street was hailed as if I had never left! That’s Leith for you!”

Mr Colquhoun is right and I have decided to write a series of articles on Leith Hospital. It would help if people who read this site could let me know of their experiences of Leith Hospital in the past and if possible if photographs could be sent as a attachment that would be great.

Leith Hospital was a truly great Leith organisation and very much loved and supported by the town. It was a sad day when it closed but by writing these articles for the next generation there is no reason why it should be forgotten.

John Arthur (Editor)

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