The History of Leith

August 14, 2004

RLS and Leith

Robert Louis Stevenson’s full name was Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson and on many occasions visited South Leith Churchyard from which he got the name John Pew which he immortalised as Blind Pew in Treasure Island. John Silver is buriedin the Old Calton Cemetry Edinburgh however in the 18th century Calton was within the Parish of South Leith. His characters in Kidnapped such as David Balfour and Alan Breck were based on real people the name and description of alan Breck appears in the Custom records of Leith.

This scene is from “Disney’s” version of “Treasure Island” . Many of Stevensons ideas of pirates came from the pirates of Leith.

Stevenson is seen seated in the middle of this picture taken at his house in Samoa 1892

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