The History of Leith

August 13, 2004

The History of Scotland

This is the first page of “The History of Scotland” written first in Latin by the Bishop of Ross and translated into Scottish by Father James Dalrymple who belonged to the Scots Cloister at Regensburg and was originally translated in 1596. This edition was published by William Blackwood and Sons in 1895.

“The History of Scotland” showing an impossible image of Mary, Queen of Scots and the future James VI/I

It is from this source that we know that during the Siege of Leith at Easter while a Mass was being celebrated a cannonball was fired at the Church entering by the East Window and leaving by the West Window and much to everyones surprise nobody was hurt.

The picture on the left of the page is an idealised portrait of Mary and her son James who later became James VI/I as Mary, Queen of Scots never seen her son again after she fled to England in 1568.

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