The History of Leith

August 13, 2004

Early Charters of Leith

These two charters shown here could perhaps be amongst the most important charters connected to Leith. The top Charter in two parts and is the donation of Land in Leith in 1230 to the knights of St John at Torphican and the name of the Grand Master is mentioned Godfrey de Saulton. The donor is Gilbert Son of Henry of Leith (a later Henry of Leith becomes Dean at Restalrig Church now St Margaret’s).

Top part. Charter 1230

Bottom part Charter 1230. Many of the witnesses are in fact English

However the donation isn’t used until 1327 when the Knights “who bear the black cross of the Hospital come into Leith which is the lower charter. The same year Robert the Bruce comes to Leith probably to receive treatment from the Knights of St John who provided medical services during the Middle Ages.

There is a strong possibility that this may be the foundation Charter of South Leith Parish Church.

Charter 1327

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