The History of Leith

July 31, 2004

The Rev George Gordon Macleod

The Rev George Gordon Macleod was born at the Free Kirk Church Manse Croy on the 19th November 1853. He was ordained to the Ministry at Carnwath on the 16th November 1876 and inducted at Walsall Presbyterian Church on the 6th February 1881 and the inducted to Junction Road United Presbyterian Church on the 22nd February 1883 and died very suddenly at Leith on the 5th June 1886 and buried at Nairn Cemetery.

His memoirs and sermons were recorded in a book called “Ancient light on Modern Life” and was very widely read.

However in his last address he seems to be predicting his own death, he says this-

“The thing that should happen shall happen. Bravely therefore and steadily let us march to our destiny. Direct your chariot to the sun. Connect yourself with destiny and be calm. Ready to suffer, ready to rejoice, ready to live, ready to die, we must go on. We have vowed unto the Lord and we cannot go back.”

“Some of us must fall this year. Oh, that the survivors may be able to say of those who fall, “Soldier of God, well done!””

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