The History of Leith

July 28, 2004

The Captains Son

Alexander Blackwood youngest son of Captain Alexander Blackwood was born in Ayr in 1836.

He was educated at Leith High School and in his early life received commercial training in the Offices of the Leith, Hill and Hamburg Steam Packet Co. On leaving the employment of that firm he went to liverpool and was engaged there for several years where he gained further business experience.

Thereafter he returned to Leith and carried on in the business of Merchant in the town, being intereted mainly in shipping. his health was at no time robust and he travelled a great deal to escape the trying winds of the east coast going to Egypt and Switzerland.

He died on the on the 17th July 1895. the Session said of him that he was a kind and generous helping the poor of Leith and supporting many good causes in leith.

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