The History of Leith

July 14, 2004

Extracts and Reminiscences

John Martine in 1888 who also wrote “Reminiscences of the Royal Burgh of Haddington” wrote the “Reminiscences of the Port and Town of Leith”. In the introduction he writes.

“The Port and Town of Leith present a field rich in historical, traditional and antiquarian treasures. Many old authors-Maitland, Kincaid and others-have handed down to positerity the history of its rise, progress and importance.

In 1827 Mr Alexander Campbell published whatever was valuable and interesting as collected from former historians a volumn entitled “Tales, Traditions and Antiquities of Leith with Notices of its trade and Commerce etc”

In 1851 Dr D.H.Robertson a native of Leith published his interesting archaelogical work “The Sculptured stones of Leith etc”

In 1853 Mr William Hutchison author of “Flying Shots” published “Tales and Traditions of Leith with notices of its antiquities. In 1865 Mr Charles Drummond bookseller published a new and revised edition of Hutchison’s work.

The following pages are humbly submitted to the public in the hope that they may be found readable and interesting.

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Over the next few days I will be posting extracts from this rare work including a article on “Leith Nobility” and “celebrated Men” and throws a light on lesser known facts on the history of Leith.

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