The History of Leith

July 13, 2004

The Ships of Henry Robb. A new Website

I came across this website while looking for something else and I think it is excellent. So if anyone can help please contact him. The website is at and is well worth a visit

Below is from the home page-

“Around ten years ago I came into possession of copies of some plans of ships built by Henry Robb’s of Leith. Thinking little of it I stored these away until I recently came across them whilst clearing out rubbish. With the advent of the internet I decided to see if I could discover the fate of the ships. After many hours spent over my computer I began to amass information not just on these ships but others built by the same yard. I decided to continue searching and try to discover the fate of all the ships that began life in the yards of Henry Robb.

This search also led me to the local library at Leith (actually within view of where the yards were in Leith docks), Central Library – Edinburgh and in turn to the National Archives of Scotland (NAS) in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Although there is some information available in the library’s and a vast amount of documentation held by the NAS there is little on the actual history associated with what happened to the ships once they left Leith.

Henry Robb’s needs YOU !

As I have already mentioned I need your help – any information / photographs etc that you have in relation to Henry Robb’s or any of the ships that they built is of interest. No matter how trival you think it maybe, let me know”

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