The History of Leith

July 3, 2004

The Burlaw Court and Dovecots in Leith

The times, seasons and methods of Farming were determined at open air meetings of the local farmers known as the Burlaw Court held fortnightly in the Docot Park on the farm of Newmains whose fields were where Hermitage Place and the streets nearby now stand.

In those days every Barony had its dovecot. In cold and stormy weather this Burlaw Court had its meetings in Clephand’s Tavern at the Townend, a site next to were stood the Watt Hospital, became Leith Academy and is now Queen Margaret University College.

The great stone dovecot of the Logan’s of Coatfield disappeared as did the Burlaw Court itself in the second half of the Eighteenth Century to make way for the houses and gardens of Hermitage Place. However up to the 1920’s many of the houses had dovecots on the site of what was known as Dovecot Park

Old Leith Dovecot now removed from a drawing by Thonas Ross

Neither Quarry Holes Easter Road Leith. A Leith Farm near what is now Leith Walk the farm is now gone replaced by housing and shops.

Thatched Houses at Restalrig c1900

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