The History of Leith

June 24, 2004

Tombstones within South Leith Church

These monumental stones were originally within South Leith Church however they were removed when the Church was restored in 1847/48 as the floor within the Church was lowered by eighteen inches.

These tomstones are from the North-East Porch of South leith Church comprising of top Left The tombstone of Sir William Logan of Coatfield Lodging who died in 1584 and was connected by marriage to the Barton Family who were famous Leith Pirates. Top right is the tombstone of Maria Hepburne who was the wife of James Gray. he was a Burgess of Leith. Bottom Left a symbol of the Incorporation of Tailors.

These Tombstones are to be found at the South-East Porch of South Leith Church. Top the Tombstone of Robert Dalton and Margaret Riddel his wife. Bottom left and right are now too erroded to say who they belonged to.

This tombstone comes from the Maltman’s Aisle unfortunately nothing is known about it apart from it dating from the 16th century.

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