The History of Leith

June 1, 2004

The Leith Glass Company

A writer in the “Bee” a extinct Edinburgh newspaper wrote in 1792 “that thirty years earlier there was only one glass company in Scotland the employees working for six months in Glasgow and the following six months at Leith”.

“Now there are six glass-houses in leith alone besides many others in different parts of the country. At the time I mentioned nothing else than bottles of coarse green glass were made there and to that article the Glass house Company in Leith continued their efforts till about a dozen years ago when they made fine glass for phials and other articles of that nature. Almost four years ago the introduced the manufacture of crown glass for windows which they now make in great quantities and perfection. After they began to manufacture white glass they fell into the way of cutting it for ornaments and engraving on it. Then the introduced a method of making glass look like gems and cutting facets to make into chandeliers and ornamental furniture.

The works of the Glass House company at Leith was advertised as for sale in the “Courant” in 1813 which stated that they were valued at £40,000 with a valuable steam engine of sixteen horse power valued at £21,000.

A relic of the Leith Glass House Company now demolished

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