The History of Leith

May 30, 2004

The History of Wardie, Trinity and Granton

Just to the west of Leith along the Forth Coast lay the Wardie Muir which must have been a wide, open and desolate place extendinf from Inverleith and Warriston to the shore of the Firth of Forth and from North Inverleith Mains of old called Blaw Wearie on the west to Bonnington on the east traversed by a narrow stream know as the Anchorfield Burn.

Now it is intersected by streets and housing. Netherless we find in the records of the Lord High Treasurer that Mons Meg was fired here for a royal salute on the orders of Mary de Guise on the marriage of her daughter Mary (future Mary, Queen of Scots to the Dauphin Francis II in 1558)

In this distrinct evidence has been found of the original inhabitants and tribes. Several fragments of human remains were found when the railway was being built in 1846. This strangest discovery was found in 1844 when silver and copper coinage of Philip II were found among a quantity of human remains how they got there nobody knows but the story is that a galleon of the Spanish Armada sunk of coast. To be continued….

Granton Harbour

Caroline Park, Ruins of Granton Castle and East Pilton about 1880

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