The History of Leith

May 10, 2004

From the Annals of North Leith

As in the case of David Lindsay of South Leith Church George Wishart of North Leith Church was a staunch Royalist in the year 1638.

In that year he was deposed for refusing to sign the National Covenant and was thrown into a miserable dungeon in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh called the “Theives Hole”. On his release he left Scotland with the Marquis of Montrose in the capacity of chaplain. He afterwards became chaplain to the Queen of Bohemia who was the sister to Charles I.

He returned to England with her in 1660 when she paid a visit to Charles II at the restoration. Wishart received the Rectory at Newcastle and on the restoration of Episcopacy in Scotland he was given see see of Edinburgh where he died in 1671. He was buried in the Abbey Church of Holyrood under a magnificent Tomb.

It was Wishart who wrote a Latin Memoirs of Montrose and when Montrose was executed this was hung around his neck.

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