The History of Leith

May 9, 2004

The Churchyard of South Leith

To the people of our town the Churchyard of South Leith is almost as precious and as interesting as the old Church itself.

For a long period of time which is measured in centuries the people have worshipped in the Church and were buried in the Churchyard and both have a very intimately associated with the history of the area.

The Churchyard is set in the centre of busy life but its walls enclose a still and peaceful haven and as we pace the trim walks and the short grass we tread over the ashes of the small and great, the saint and sinner, who have be put to rest here. Here lie the people who built up the prosperity of the town in former days. And those who stayed in the old homes and were busy mothers and housewives.

“Their hatred and their love is lost
Their envey buried in the dust
They have no share in all that’s done
Under the circuit of the sun”

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