The History of Leith

May 3, 2004

The Royal Leith Volunteers

In 1795 was established the Corps of the the Royal Leith Volunteers who received their colours on Leith Links on the 26th September.

A detachment of the Royal Edinburgh Volunteers kept the ground. The colours were presented by the Lord Lieutenant to Captain Bruce of the Corps, brother to Bruce of Kennet. And in 1797 120 ship-captains of Leith-to their honour be it recorded in that time of European war-made a voluntary offer to serve the country in any Naval capacity that was suitable to their position.

The leith Volunteers continued up to the 1st World War after which they were disbanded. A monument to the Volunteers can be seen on the Queen Victoria Statute and at South Leith Church. They were involved in the Gretna disaster of 1915

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